#Project: DeremCo - De&Remanufacturing for Circular Economy Investments in the Composite Industry
DeremCo will demonstrate the demand-driven circular economy potentials of post-use composites at large scale by unlocking their systematic re-use as secondary material sources in new products across multiple European sectors.
Panel discussion JEC World 2023
Lightweight Made in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities
During JEC World 2023 at the end of April, A2LT participated as representative of the European Lightweight Association (ELA) together with representatives of the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (ELCA) in the panel discussion „Lightweight Made In Europe: Challenges and Opportunities“.
EUREKA Lightweighting Call
Lightweighting is an economic heavyweight and key to climate protection. Lightweighting is also a strategic research and innovation topic.

European Lightweight Association

A network of lightweight networks

Lightweight Technology constitutes a key technology, that provides resource-friendly solutions and commercial value added at the same time, across all industries. Lightweighting is an enabling technology for many future industries, e.g. eMobility, and this enormous commercial potential is inextricably connected to fundamental resource savings – up to 50% in materials usage and up to 40% in power consumption.