#Event: ELA goes live, 4th November 2020
The Green Deal is the challenge and task of the European Commission and the European Union to make Europe more sustainable. Lightweight construction will play an essential role, this is why, the European Lightweight Association, call you to present us your research work, your project ideas or your industrial implementations. So you get the opportunity to find the right partners to build a strong European consortium.
#News: A network of lightweight networks – European Lightweight Association was founded
The founding partners of the cross-border business association - the European Lightweight Association (ELA) - are Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH, the High-tech Zentrum Aargau AG and Leichtbau BW GmbH from Baden-Württemberg. The ELA currently has more than 3300 companies and 500 research institutions. We see ourselves as a catalyst for the development of an open network platform.
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European Lightweight Association

A network of lightweight networks

Lightweight Technology constitutes a key technology, that provides resource-friendly solutions and commercial value added at the same time, across all industries. Lightweighting is an enabling technology for many future industries, e.g. eMobility, and this enormous commercial potential is inextricably connected to fundamental resource savings – up to 50% in materials usage and up to 40% in power consumption.